In the wildflower micro-meadow this is a particular issue as many of the wildflowers might be confused for or even considered as weeds in other places.

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Identifying Help Required: Can you help label the plants marked unknown below, or at least confirm whether they are or aren't unwanted in our wildflower micro-meadow? Please edit the page if you have info (or email Richard).

Unwanted Plants: dig them up!


Hoary Cress: (More info: Garden Organic)
- "an introduced, erect rhizomatous perennial found on waste ground, roadsides, railways, arable land, pasture and on sandy soil by the sea."
- "New infestations should be eradicated without delay by hand digging. Hand pulling only removes the tops and regeneration from the roots soon occurs. Regular and frequent cutting to prevent seeding and exhaust food reserves will reduce vigour."


- very invasive, root up to a few inches below surface


Goose Grass:
- sticky stuff: dig it out and put in the bindwind brown bins marked "bindweed" to stop it taking over the compost heaps!


Three Cornered Leek: (More info: Wikipedia, Wild Food UK)
- (has narrower leaves than Wild Garlic)
- other than small dedicated patch above fruit cage: dig out bulbs if possible, otherwise just tear off leaves to weaken.


Couch Grass:
- a real bully and spreads like crazy due to its lateral suckers
- good to put it in the bindweed bin


Pendulous Sedge (Carex Pendula):
- another real bully which grows in thick clumps and spreads quickly
- more info: RHS


Wood Avens?:
- more info: RHS
- although the leaves look much more rounded than often shown onnline, these may be just the seed leaves, with the later leaves becoming more pointed.

Unknown Plants


Plant C: what is it? do we want it?
- (Richard) Looks suspiciously weed-like and unwanted


Plant E: ?


Plant F: ?