• Both quince trees have suffered from blight for the last three seasons. We'd like to prioritise their care through this growing season.
  • 2 separate issues: Quince Leaf Blight (dark spots, RHS info) and powdery mildew(?) (white covering, RHS info)

Disease Control

  • RHS advice:
    • Rake up and dispose of affected leaves as they fall, and also the rest of the leaves during autumn leaf fall
    • Prune out any dead shoots during the winter
    • Maintain good cultivation, especially feeding to help the tree grow more foliage
    • (No fungicides are currently available for use on trees from which the fruit will be consumed.)
  • Daily Telegraph advice:
    • As with nearly all fungal infections, good hygiene works wonders. Rake up and burn the leaves of infected trees when they fall. Do the same will all leaves from the area where the tree is growing in autumn. Cut out any infected shoots and burn those also (never compost infected matter).
  • MRCO current approach to problem:
    • Remove all dead leaves from below tree (should be done as soon as they fall in autumn) - do not put diseased leaves in compost!
    • (Need to) Prune out any dead shoots during the winter
    • Keep grass below the trees cut short as much as possible (remove some of turf?)
    • For blight, regularly respray the leaves with garic from the spraycan in the shed, though for mildew best to keep dry (especially at night)

Record of observations & work done

  • 2016 (Karen) sprayed four times with garlic and removed leaves, and cleared and mulched again.
  • 14 Apr 2017 (Richard) Quince Leaf Blight and Powdery Mildew observed on small number of leaves.
  • ? Apr 2017 Quince tree sprayed with garlic (+ chilli?) mixture
  • 1 May 2017 (Richard) Cleared under quince trees, removed diseased leaves, thinned a little and re-sprayed.
  • 1 Sept 2017 (Richard) Both trees in a very sad state with all the leaves having dropped off the bottom third of the trees and all remaining leaves blackened by blight.
  • 16 Oct 2017 (Richard) Removed all remaining leaves from trees and from ground where visible, though many left trapped in matted long grass, so this really needs to be ripped out.