Still to be done:

  1. Put in a drainage layer of 4-6 inches. Some stones would be good, but this can mostly be chopped-up brambles. Let's see what we have.
  2. On top of this, fill with a mix of dug-out soil and ericaceous compost.
  3. Plant the blueberries to their existing level, and top-dress with another few inches of ericaceous compost.
  4. Water well, label, stand back, and admire your handiwork!
  5. Whenever it hasn't rained for a while, especially in the first year, water it. Blueberries don't flourish in dry soil. You are very unlikely to over water them.

If you would like to help with any of these jobs, please let Karen S know.

(Karen S,Richard - 10 April): Bathtub now installed (and being given a test drive in image below :-). Stones placed under 2 drain holes to try to prevent flooding. Karen will bring ericaceous compost and blueberries next work day.

(Karen S - 27 Feb 2017):
I have bought two blueberries - the pots are currently sunk into my fruit cage bed until we are ready for them.