A collection of photos of the orchard

The orchard photo galleries are stored in a google (gmail) shared account; click on the links below to go to them and view the photos. We want this to be a living and growing archive…please contact Richard if you would like help in uploading your pics to the shared account and link to them here. Alternatively you can upload to your own gmail account and edit this page yourself to include the link. You can find help on how to add photos to wiki at MRCO Wiki Help

Notes on older photos copied from the MRCO Yahoo group:

  • Galleries linked to from this page include everything that was (and still is) stored in the yahoo tech group photos files.
  • Galleries first uploaded to yahoo have been retained as they were with their original titles.
  • The original uploader and date of original upload are noted in the gallery comments.
  • Where photos were titled, the title is now stored in a comment on the individual image.