Details of the plants and varieties we have in the orchard…

Orchard Map (16 July 2019): [PDF] or (out-of-date: March) {Interactive Web Map}
Orchard Map (Sept 2015): [PDF]
Apple Identification (Nov 2012): [PDF] [source DOC]
MRCO Planting - what we have (July 2012): [PDF] [source DOC]
Apple tree display sheets: [PDF] [source DOCX] (ID labels with short descriptions to hang on trees)
Apples - eating season: [PDF] [source DOC] (when each apple variety will be ready to pick, how long they will keep.)
Healing Herb Bed Plant List: [PDF] [source DOC] (Use and maintenance of the herb beds)
Wildflower Micro-Meadow: Wildflower Micro-meadow project page

Early days (Orchard beginnings and original plant lists)…