(Meeting agendas/minutes, reports, general admin files)

Meetings (6-monthly)

3 April 2019: [Minutes PDF]
5 October 2018: [AGM Chair's Report PDF] [Minutes PDF]
21 March 2018: [Agenda PDF] [Minutes PDF]
20 September 2017: [Agenda PDF] [AGM Chair's Report PDF] [Minutes PDF]
22 March 2017: [Agenda PDF] [Minutes PDF] [Minutes source DOC]
28 September 2016: [Minutes PDF]

Reports & Past Events

2017 North Bristol Get Growing Open Days: Web page + Map
Schedule of Events 2016 [PDF] [source DOCX]
RSPB Gardenwatch Results (2016): [PDF]
Wildlife Survey (2 Aug 2015): [PDF]
MRCO Constitution (2012): [PDF] [source DOC]
MRCO Policy on data protection and privacy (2017): [PDF]
Letter to Mayor on reduction & elimination of glyphosate use in Bristol (November 2018): [PDF]