General documents

Make your own leaf mould (Ryton Organic Gardens leaflet): [PDF]
Composting and disposal of waste materials (Sept 2015): [PDF] [source DOCX]
Composts and hot/cold composting overview: [PDF] [source DOC]
composting - fast recipe.pdf
Worm composting.pdf
Japanese Knotweed - Code of Practice.pdf

Step building & Maintenance: Please see dedicated Step Building & Maintenance task page.

Tree Works (non-fruit bearing trees)

Planning Application for residential boundary tree pruning submitted 10 Oct 2018 (now approved):

  • As orchard is within a "conservation area", all felling of *or pruning* of non-fruit trees requires planning permission (details here) for trees larger than 7.5cm diameter at 1.5m above ground level
  • The larger trees to be pruned & laid have been identified by Richard and marked with blue twine
  • Site sketch map: [PDF]
  • Submitted planning application (18/05611/VC, PP-07336258, v2): PDF
  • Case Officer: Tom Luck
  • Council planning applications portal (to view progress): Planning Online (Simple Search)

Planning Application for felling (elms + willow)/pruning submitted 2 Oct 2017:

  • Trees have been identified by Richard + Stephen Pill (Allotment manager) and marked with blue twine (1 loop = felling, 2 loops = pruning)
  • Site sketch map (v2): [PDF]
  • Submitted planning application (17/05479/VC, PP-06418364, v2): [PDF]
  • Letter of notice of approval for 2 years (06/10/17): [PDF]

Remove large elms and Willow

  • Dead elms (E3, E4, E5 on sketch) were felled in October 2017 / Spring 2018)
  • Other elms (E1/E2) will be felled in winter 2018/2019 - led by Stephen Pill
  • Willow on orchard/allotment plot boundary (just behind shed) was felled by Malcolm Dowling during hedge-laying?

Hedge laying of boundary with residential area

  • Following the success of the hedge-laying work done on the allotment boundary in November 2017, we are now arranging for hedge-laying to be done on the boundary with the residential area in spring 2019 - by Malcolm Dowling again.
  • Pruning of some of larger trees in the "wooded area" on the orchard map hopefully to be done Winter 2018/19