A gallery of photos going back many years is available at the MRCO Yahoo Group, though this requires logging in to view. Wikidot itself is not a good option for storing photo albums as it has very limited file storage (300 MB) and a poor photo gallery user interface. However, it seems that Google Photos would be an easier way to let others view photos (with no login required), once shareable links to albums have been created. Example albums that have been made so shareable by link:

Get Growing Trail 2016 - photos copied from Yahoo Group
MRCO Shared demo album - example photos from 2016

A group Google account was set up (a while ago) that would allow any orchard member to log in to upload their photos. If you go to the generic Google photo albums page and login as "mrco.shared" (password to made available to all members) you can add photos and create (or edit existing) albums. Note if you are logged into your own google account (e.g. Gmail) then you will need to either log out of that first, or open the link in a browsers "Private Viewing" mode.

17/07/17 PROBLEM (Show-stopper?): it seems that Google does not support joint accounts like this and their new security measures will block logins (with correct password) from computers/locations that it does not recognise until they are approved by the person setting up the original account. Google do offer Mail Delegation to grant access to a Gmail account for up to 10 named people, but this would be a pain and not open to all in MRCO.

Advantages of Google Photos (vs Yahoo Groups):

  • Albums can be directly linked to and viewed without logging in
  • Individual photos can have a link generated that can be put in an email sent to anyone
  • Good photo editing built-in
  • Unlimited storage (so little need to resize photos before uploading)

Disadvantages of Google Photos (vs Yahoo Groups):

  • After creating albums, have to "share by link" and paste that link into this page
  • Users who had their own yahoo account could add photos direct to Yahoo Group without logging in explicitly to the group and it would tag photos they uploaded with their Yahoo user name
  • Large established library of photos in Yahoo Group.

Technical Issues:

  • Is there an easier way to link to albums than generating a URL link in Google Photos and pasting it in this page source?
  • In theory, once albums have been created, other Google users could be enabled (on a per album basis) to allow them to upload their photos even when logged in as themselves rather than mrco.shared. Worthwhile pursuing?
  • Transferring existing Yahoo photos:
    • These can only be downloaded 1 photo at a time! (Another good reason to move to Google as that allows downloading 1 album at a time) [though Lewis may already have a full Yahoo download]
    • Labelling: Yahoo displays both a title and (an optional) comment, whereas Google only displays (optional) comment unless "Info" (i) button pressed. These comments would have to be read on a per photo basis and typed in to Google. Note sure how many photos this applied to but could be a painfully slow process.
    • Will lose details of who originally uploaded the photo and when