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Recent Updates

  • 29 June 2020: Added results of Bristol Uni genetic research project on our apple varieties to Orchard Contents page.
  • 21 December 2019: Added links page.
  • 22 October 2019: Autumn meeting agenda & minutes, 2019 AGM Chair's Report and 2018-2019 Financial Report all added - see the Meetings & Reports page.
  • 16 July 2019: Brand new orchard map [PDF]


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Tasks & Projects (Current work to be done (or in progress) in the orchard)

(From here includes all files uploaded to Yahoo Group except those with sensitive/personal details)

Photos (Photo archive)
Meetings & Reports (Meeting agendas/minutes, reports, general admin files)
Orchard Contents (What plants and varieties we have)
Fruit and Veg Maintenance (planting and care of top/soft fruit and veg)
Infrastructure & Composting (Hard landscaping, tree works, seating, composting/disposal, hedges, etc)
General Orchard Principles (pest and disease control, organic methods, soil, fertility, etc)
Using the Fruit (Recipes, produce labeling, etc)
Links (Web links to like-minded groups, networks, gardens, farms and shops)

Orchard Events Diary

(See Project Sessions on Tasks & Projects page for more details of planned tasks on orchard work days)

Scheduled orchard work days have been suspended but will return on the first Sunday of each month once the coronavirus issue eases, current restrictions are reomved and it is safe to gather. You can still visit and work in the orchard alone or with a household member - working a safe distance apart of course - as part of your daily exercise as long as you keep within current government guidelines to ensure you and others are not at risk of infection.

Other Events

All cancelled/postponed. Events will be listed again in this section as and when they are rescheduled once government lockdown instructions change and it's safe to gather in groups.